toilet training

It is surprising that I haven't written this blog for five days. Time flies...

Since we started the toilet training to our two sons, my life has been all about the training....

Not really. But I really feel like that.

They wet their underwears and trousers so many times, I have a big pile of dirty clothes every day. Can you imagine how many clothes they change a day?

Here is the examples:
10 pairs of trousers
10 underwears
5 jumpers
8 shirts
5 pairs of socks

I sit down at the windowsill in front of the bathroom as they sit down on their potty or toilet. It takes long time to be over. Maybe thirty minutes at a time? I am not exaggerating at all. If the potty time ends with success, that makes all of us happy. But things don't go well like that, and they have no pee/poo after 30 minutes of patient trial. XD And ten minutes after the potty time, they wet their clothes again...

Probably the younger son is not ready for the training. But I expect my older son to be able to go to toilet and do his business there by himself. Because this is one of the requirements to apply for the kindergarten...

I didn't know that the toilet training was such a stressful task for a mother. But actually it is. Now I know how hard it is. I am exhausted, depressed, and get upset in the end of the day.

Somebody said that the toilet training was one of the hardest tasks for raising children. Especially it is hard to train boys generally....

I feel like I am becoming an irritated and angry mother.

RELAX.....That's what I need.

I know it in my head, but not in my feeling.

How can I relax, when boys peed on their pants five times a day?
I want to cry!!

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